RTVA Works Smarter With Tedial’s smartWork

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SEVILLE, Spain—RTVA is the Spanish regional broadcaster of Andalucia, a major Spanish region with 8.5 million people. It consists of Canal Sur Televisión, which broadcasts three TV channels; Canal Sur Radio, with four radio channels; and Canal Sur Media, including the OTT platform “CanalSurMas”, the website canalsur.es, among other online channels (including YouTube).

Since 2006, RTVA had been using Tedial’s Media Asset Management (MAM) system across multiple sites in the Andalusia region, where staff worked locally from the eight diversely located sites. But the local systems architecture, which had once worked so well, became obsolete and plans to replace it were delayed due to the difficulty in obtaining CapEx financing.

Shifting to SaaS
To overcome this problem, RTVA made the decision to adopt a new business service model using a SaaS-based production and archive system with centralized operations. This approach would solve two problems: the centralization architecture would reduce local teams support and the SaaS model will avoid the difficulty of finding funding for capital expenditures. 

After a 2021 tender, Telefónica—one of Europe’s leading telecommunications companies—was selected to be the service provider and decided to deploy Tedial’s smartWork. The Tedial solution would become the integration engine for RTVA to transform their business model from a multilocation architecture to a centralized infrastructure hosted on a private cloud in an external data center. The SaaS platform is licensed under an OpEx model. 

The project utilizes smartWork, Tedial’s NoCode Media Integration Platform, as the core platform for seamless integration of multiple systems from numerous and varied vendors. These integrations include Tedial Evolution MAM, Avid Interplay PAM, Avid iNews NRCS, Telestream Root6 transcoding farm, Provys traffic system, Pebble Beach Marina Playout, Etiqmedia AI, David DigaSystem Radio production system, Quantum storage, among other Canal Sur Media systems. 

This new approach also unifies the TV and radio archives in a unique platform, integrated with TV production system (Avid) and radio production system (David). The project also encompasses the migration of eight legacy MAM sites to a new centralized Tedial Evolution MAM, which is being seamlessly facilitated by smartWork’s newest addition, smartPacks. The smartPacks solution streamlines the process of deploying business capabilities by automatically installing everything needed to run the specific service. 

Telefónica hosts the smartWork platform in Telefónica’s Andalucia Virtual Data Center (VDC-Edge), a private cloud in Telefónica data centers that can be scaled up and down to meet specific needs. Telefónica is also providing the network with enough bandwidth to allow remote users from the different sites to use the new centralized platform.

To ensure business continuity, the project includes a Tedial Evolution MAM at RTVA facilities as a Disaster Recovery. This MAM uses a LTO8 tape library to archive all new and legacy content, so RTVA has a copy of our 35 years of existence and more. 

Digital Transformation
This innovative solution, hosted in Telefónica data centers, enables Telefónica to support RTVA with self-sufficient media services, empowering them with enhanced operational efficiency. Tedial’s smartWork platform speeds up our digital transformation and offers such benefits as  unprecedented flexibility, seamless and effortless integrations, reduced costs, enhanced team collaboration, improved profitability, accelerated growth and dramatically shorter delivery times. 

To meet RTVA’s specific requirements, smartWork’s business intelligence features were incorporated, providing a global Dashboard that perfectly aligns with RTVA’s needs.

With this model, RTVA has an always up-to-date platform that can scale up and down to meet RTVA business needs and meet such new challenges as IP production and UHD workflows that may arise in the future. Adding new features and tools in the future will be as easy as adding new SaaS services and won’t require us to find CapEx funding.  

More information is available at www.tedial.com

Pedro Espina

Pedro Espina is the CTO of RTVA.