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July 2023

Reality Check: How AI Is Impacting the Industry; AI's Legacy for Media; Karl Has a Conversation with ChatGPT; Test/QC Tools Straddle Two Worlds; ATSC 3.0 Transmission and Monitoring; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Master Control, Routing and KVM Switches

June 2023

Where in the World is ATSC 3.0: Cloud Production; Remote Production Boosts Intercoms' Role; The State of Media Today; 2023 Best of Show Awards; AI Generated Audio; ATSC 3.0 Beyond TV; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Transmitters and RF Equipment

May 2023

NAB Show Review: Defining the Future of M&E Tech; NAB Chief LeGeyt Says Next 100 Years Look Positive; FCC, NAB Set Initiative to Speed ATSC 3.0; The Production of "The Rings of Power"; NBA Drives Advances in Cloud Production; Racing Drones; Doug Lung: Broadcasting Is More than a Job; and more coverage from NAB 2023

March 2023

NAB Show: Capitalizing on What's Next in Media and Entertainment; Celebrating a Century of NAB Shows; Let the IP Conversion Begin; The Professionalization of PTZ; Virtual Cloud Workflows; Lighting Choices Come Down to Three Letters--LED; ATSC to Update Industry on 3.0 Progress

February 2023

The Reality of Virtual Production; Display Tech—What's Behind the Glass; SMPTE 2110: A Vibrant 6 Year Old; Discovering the Magic of 32-Bit Float Audio Recording; Preparing Your Next Lighting Package: Power Control; Why Does Football Sound Different Across TV Networks?; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Signal Conversion

January 2023

40 Years of TV Tech; 2022 Best in Market Awards; What Can 5G Do for Broadcasters?; Battle Among Networks, Affiliates and Streamers Heats Up; Dependable Rugged Gear for 'Run and Gun' News Crews; Hailing That Storage in the Sky; Learning ATSC 3.0: On the Web or On the Bench; A Brief History of the Cloud; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Storage & Recording Devices 

December 2022

Drones Now Flying Expanding Mission with FAA's Blessing; Production Switchers Adopt for Zoom Connections; Virtual Production in the Real World; Times Almost Up for Fluorescent Lighting; Grasping the 'Metaverse'; 2023: Looking Beyond Bigger and Better to More; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Editing & Graphics/Media Asset Management 

November 2022

Fox Sports Ready for 2022 4K/HDR FIFA World Cup; Optimizing Ad Traffic in a Multi-Platform World; Solving Broadcasts' Talent Crisis; Cloud Advances Push Virtualized Playout to the Forefront; The Future of Primetime Network Television; As Time Flies, Technology Makes Advances (Doug Lung's 300th column); Equipment Guide/User Reports: Test Equipment & Signal Monitoring

October 2022

Is 8K Ready for Primetime?; Using Drones to Monitor Transmission Lines; The Role of Lenses in Shooting in HDR; Meet David Grindle, SMPTE's New Executive Director; Lighting: Finagling the Inverse-Square Law; Here We Go Again—Higher USB-C Speed With Confusion Everywhere; Designer Sound—It's in the Mix; IBC 2022 Best of Show Awards; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Cloud Solutions

September 2022

News Outlets Strategize on Election 2022 Coverage; Future is Now with IP Production; Are You Ready for Some Football? The Ongoing Evolution of LED Lights; Learning About RF; Doing Your Homework When Selecting a Cloud Provider; Metaverse or Metamucil?; Audio and the Evolution of the TV News Team; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Audio

August 2022

Audio Monitoring in Today's Complex Media Environment, Understanding Data Protection Basics and Assessment; Too Many Format? Not a Problem for Today's Multiviewers; WUSA9 Debuts Groundbreaking Eco-Friendly Live Truck; An Affliction of Our Time: Fake Information; IBC Upbeat for its Return to Amsterdam; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Cameras & Lenses 

July 2022

Crptocurrency: Beyond the Hype; LED Lights Dominate the Industry; 'Reaching the Right Person at the Right Time'; Tech Advances Result in NextGen Audio; More on RF at the NAB Show; Low-Latency Distribution: What Does it Mean to Video Streamers; Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Practicality; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Master Control, Routing & KVM Switchers

June 2022

More Broadcasters Adopting Cloud-Based Production; NextGen TV: Why We're Doing It; How Creativity, Cloud and Covid are Impacting Newsroom Graphics; Virtual Production Comes of Age; Taming Contrasts: Lighting and Shadowing in the Field; RF at the NAB Show—ATSC 3.0 Analysis; 2022 Best of Show/Best in Market Awards; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Transmitters & RF Equipment

May 2022

NAB Show in Review: Together Again; Pandemic Disruption Bred Production, Content Innovation; Rosenworcel: We've Turned the Volume Down and Ramped Up the Activity; Saving Time, Money Makes Virtual Production Inevitable; Press Conference Coverage; How Audio Has Adapted to the New REMI Normal; Protecting Data for the Long Run; Storage Strategy by Application; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Video Monitors  

April 2022

Getting Serious About Sustainability; Baseball is Back!;  How the Pandemic Impacted Pro Audio; TV Sports in 2022: In Search of Immersive; Cloud Awareness for Applications in Media; Equipment Guide/User Reports: UAVs, Camera Support, Lighting & Batteries

March 2022

NAB Show Preview: NAB Show is Ready to Roll; Who Attends a Las Vegas Trade Show During a Pandemic?; NextGen TV Groundswell Continues at NAB Show; What's in Store for News Production at the NAB Show; Production Gear Focuses on HDR, Improved Workflows; Audio Focus Will be on IP, Immersive at NAB Show; New Cloud Solutions Abound at NAB Show

February 2022

Best of 2021 Winners Announced; CES: NextGen TV Gains Traction; Next-Generation 'Franken FMs' on the Rise; Opening Up More Opportunities in Broadcasting; What Does Good Lighting Have in Common with Renaissance Paintings?; Years of Olympic Games Emerge as a Timeline of Breakthrough Technologies; Cloud Production Assessment; Equipment Guide/User Reports: Signal Conversion, Intercoms and Cellular ENG 

January 2022

FCC Forum Highlights Closed Caption Issues; Gear on the Go for TV Crews of Any Size and Market; The Technology Behind the Beijing Winter Olympics; Archiving Media: Cloud or On-Prem?; A Tectonic Shift in 'Pandemic' Television Production; openGear Celebrates 15 Years of Success; Maximizing Reception for Over-the-Air TV; Eye on Tech; Equipment Guide/User Reports - Recording & Storage Devices

December 2021

Scaled-Back CES Returns to Vegas After Pandemic Hiatus; Iron Mountain’s Hollywood Treasures; Hollywood’s Drone Potential; How Paintbox Changes the Look of TV; iPhone ProRes Video Is Another Production Milestone; Switching at Your Service; `Noize Boyz’ and the Nasty Sounding Days of Sports Past; Best in Market 2021 Awards; Eye on Tech; People; User Reports – Station Automation and MAM solutions.

November 2021

Making Cloud Work for Broadcast; Basics of End-to-End Cloud Media Production; Cloud vs. Virtualization for Playout; The Evolution of Media Cloud; Virtualized Playout; User Reports – Cloud solutions.

 October 2021

A Conversation With NAB’s Curtis LeGeyt; Traffic & Billing; Keeping Pirates at Bay; Making the Cloud Work for Broadcast; ````Trash Can Sound; Live Television Returns; Eye on Tech; People; ATSC 3.0 Full Steam Ahead; the ATSC 3.0 Bootstrap; User Reports – Cloud solutions.

September 2021

The NAB Show to Reflect on a Year of Changes; Even in the Cloud, Managing Assets Doesn’t get Any Easier; Restoring Over-the-Air TV in NYC After 9/11; 20 Years Broadcasters Will Never Forget; Eye on NAB Tech; User Reports – Audio/Intercoms.

August 2021

How Broadcasters Thrive in an OTT World; Keeping an Eye on Things with Multiviewers; Gauging Viewer Data on OTT; High Availability Storage Systems; Audio Monitoring; Lighting for Performer Flexibility; User Reports - Cameras/Lenses.

July 2021

NBC’s Olympics Coverage; Deploying NextGen TV;  Test Equipment Expands Capabilities; Basics of Cloud Media Production; NextGenTV Update; Olympic Games to Debut Immersive Sound; It’s `Go Digital or Go Dark’ Time for LPTVs; User Reports - Master Control/Routing & KVM.

June 2021

Getting Ready for NextGen TV; The Rapidly Changing Face of News Sets; Media's Move to Cloud Masks Complexity; Is Sports Gambling a Sure Thing for Broadcasters?; Making Use of Small Lights for Specificity; Offsetting Transmitter Frequency to Reduce Interference; User Reports - KVM/Master Control.  

May 2021

The Future Direction of Television News, Post COVID; Time to Check on the Machines; Artificial Intelligence or Audio Illusion?; The Art of 'Iprompting'; Remotely Speaking; Intelligent Data Terms & Tiering; User Reports - Video Monitors

April 2021

Camera Makers Emphasize IP, 4K Capabilities; Maximizing Value; Meeting the Challenge of Industry Diversity; MLB: Broadcasters Optimistic for 2021; Selecting a Storage Architecture; Diverse Field of Stars Shine Over Tech; User Reports - UAVs, Camera Support, Lighting & Batteries

March 2021

Opportunities for All; Intercoms Become More Flexible for Remote Production; ST 2110 a Success in Review; Daylight Lighting With HMIs; Hard Choices: Sports and OTT; Keeping Connected at a Distance; Solving Lip Sync Issues When Cutting the Cord; Broadcast TV's Future May Lie in Single Frequency Networks; User Reports - OTT Solutions 

February 2021

All the New TV Smarts from CES 2021; Integrated Production Tools Shine During Pandemic; Upgrading to UHD in the Age of Coronavirus; One Step Ahead; Composing an Infrastructure in the Cloud; With Venues Largely Fanlesss, Sports Audio Evolves; tinySA: Finding Interference and Aiming Antennas; User Reports - Signal Conversion/Closed Captioning; User Reports - Cellular ENG

January 2021

A Year Like No Other; New ENG Gear for 'Socially Distanced' Reporting; News Production Adapts to Remote Trends; T-Mobile and 600 MHz TV Interference; How Has COVID Impacted At-Home Audio Production?; Protecting and Monetizing Your Legacy; Achieving Quality With LED Arrays; User Reports - Storage & Recording Devices

December 2020

The Watch List 2020; CES Returns to being a 'TV Show,' Albeit Virtual; Production Switchers Ready for Streaming Reality; Drones Now an Essential Part of TV Broadcasting; Audio 2020: Good, Bad and New Reality; Controlling Light Remotely; User Reports - Station Automation/Media Asset Management

November 2020

Is Scripps-Ion Deal a Harbinger?; COVID-19 Production Workflows: What Will Stay What's Next?; Lighting in 2020: Home Is Where the Studio Is; Current Events Validate Virtualized Playout; Drones Enhance Coverage in Age of COVID; How Broadcasters Can Maximize Efficiencies Post-COVID; Shephard Smith's New Set Immerses in Video; Faking It: Sound-Starved Stadiums; Cloud Storage or Local SAN?; User Reports - Video Monitors, Test Equipment & Signal Monitoring

October 2020

Connecting TV News During a Pandemic; Furniture Vendors Focus on Protection; Remote, OTT Driving Test & Measurement Trends; ATSC 3.0: It's Not Just for Broadcasting; Lensmakers Focus on Focus, Lighter Weight; Data Becomes More Critical to Compliance; It's Open Mic Night; Mixing Lighting Technology; User Reports - Cloud Solutions 

September 2020

2020 Campaign: A News Cycle Unlike Any Other; Recreating the Sports Fan Experience Virtually; Sports on TV: Are We at a Pivotal Moment?; For Prompters, Versatility Is the Name of the Game; Antennas: Back to the Future; Adding Drama to Interiors With Lighting; User Reports - Audio

August 2020

Repack Crosses Finish Line; NEP's 'Smart Stage' Presents a New Arena for Production; How NextGen TV Could Bridge Digital Divides; Successor to HEVC Moves Forward; MPEG Founder Declares 'Death' of Standard; Phoenix Model Market Adds Second 3.0  Signal; Multiviewers Help Keep Live Production on Track; The Changing Face of Audio Monitoring; A Decade of Changes in Storage; Lighting Safely as We Move Back on Set; User Reports - Cameras & Lenses

July 2020

NextGen TV Deployment Picks Up Steam; FCC: Broadcasters Can't Use Vacant Channels for ATSC 3.0; Cloud and IP: Live Streams Beyond 2020; Police Abuse of Media: 'Enough is Enough'; How Did the Lockdown Impact Video Production Workflows?; What HDMI 2.1 Could Mean for 8K, HDR; Business Management Systems Adapt to 'New Normal'; Lighting a Path Back to Production; Has Theatrical Distribution Finally Collapsed?; Vizrt Demos Virtual Production Capabilities; Miking and Mixing 'Maisel'; Live and Wired for Sound!; The Basics of Infrastructure as Code; User Reports - Control/Routing & KVM Switchers 

June 2020

CNN Celebrates 40 Years; Broadcasting SCOTUS: The World Did Not End; Public Media Group Has Big Plans for ATSC 3.0; Remote Collaboration Is Here to Stay; Repack Heads Into the Home Stretch; Bringing the Editing Workflow Into the Cloud; Intercoms Ready for the 'New Normal'; TV Technology Best of Show Special Edition Winners; Receiving ATSC 3.0; Meeting the Challenge of Lighting for Home Broadcasts; User Reports - Production Switchers/Editing & Graphics; User Reports - Transmitters & RF Equipment

May 2020

Streaming Explodes During Pandemic; How to Keep Your Camera Gear Clean; Pandemic Spurs Deregulatory D.C.; Get Ready for ATSC 3.0, But Don't Ignore 1.0; Managing Media Production Workflows at Home; NAB Show Daily Special Edition: Virtual Production Hits Center Stage; 8K Ecosystem Is Ready for Implementation; Promise of Turning IP Into Reality 'Within Touching Distance;' NextGen TV Poised to Move Out in Big Way in 2020; OTT: Is It Really a War or Competition?; Esports Projected to Have Banner Year Despite Pandemic; 5G Brings New Content Distribution Realities; Spring Product Review

April 2020

Pandemic Brings TV to the Forefront; The Impact of AI/ML on TV Production and Playout; NBCU's LX Targets Millennials' Viewing Habits; NextGen TV Receivers Not Ready for Consumers; A Simple Guide to Formats and Codecs; TV at the Crossroads - Adaptive Storytelling; If You Build It, They Will Come; Mixing Consoles - Beyond the Capture; Priming the Pump for Secure Storage; User Reports - Cameras, Camera Support, Lighting & Batteries

March 2020

NAB Show and the 'Mainstreaming of Streaming'; Camera, Lens Makers Focus on 4K, HDR; Audio Goes Virtual, Immersive; TV Production Advances via Cloud, AI; Live Feeds Have Never Been Easier

February 2020

NextGen TV Gets Real at CES 2020; Security, Content Protection High Priorities for NextGen TV; HPA Tech Retreat Readies for Brave New World; Small Package, Powerful Production; Cable, Connectors and Water: Not a Good Mix; Learning to Spot a Cloud; Sound of Sports: Adaptation and Audio Adventurism; NextGen TV at CES 2020: Deployment and Testing; User Reports - Cellular ENG & Satellite; User Reports - Signal Conversion/Intercoms

January 2020

A New Year, a Clearer Vision for Broadcast?; Cronkite School Launches PBS NewsHour West; News Gear Vendors Stress Speed to Air; Using the Cloud to Unlock the Value of Your Assets; Audio Boards Play Nice With AES67; Moving Broadcast Into the Next Decade With All-IP; Low Latency in Live Streaming; The Ongoing Evolution in Video-Capture Resolution; Buffering Is a Video Provider's Nightmare; Cloud Playout: A Game Changer for Broadcast?; Uncovering the Long-Term Cloud Archive Equation; Checking Out TV Antennas With a $130 VNA; Lighting for ENG Needs Mobility, Versatility; User Reports - Storage & Recording Devices

December 2019

Television in the Teens: Mobility Reigns; CES Examines Beyond 'TV as We Knew It'; Forget Rollable, Is LG Building a Foldable TV?; Warriors, Samsung Go Biggest at Chase Center; Making the Most of Next-Gen Compliance Monitoring; Staying Safe Around RF; AI Gaining Traction in Media Supply Chains; Switchers Respond to Expanding Demands; Immersive Sound: Looking Back and at What Lies Ahead; Lighting the Newsroom; User Reports - Station Automation/Digital Content Management

November 2019

'The Wheels Are Coming Off the Repack'; Virtualized Playout Promises Greater Security, Flexibility; How Can We Secure Live Production Over IP?; The Tangible Changes IP Brings to Live Production; 2019 IBC: Why Hollywood Can't Wait to Be Cloud; Get the LED In; Repack Impact: How Is It Affecting Wireless Mics?; Making Sense of UHDTV; RIST Forges Reliable, Secure Internet Connection; Use the Cloud or Build a Datacenter?; Microphones and Beyond ...; User Reports - Monitors & Test Equipment

October 2019

Cable Pushes Back Against ATSC 3.0; Feeding an Increasing Number of Screens; Compliance Grows in Importance; Fifty Years of Silliness; Lenses Respond to Higher Image Qualities; The Video Show Lands in Nation's Capital for Inaugural Conference; The Secret Behind 8K Upscaling; Consistency in Lighting; Monitoring and the Art of Listening; User Reports - Cloud Solutions

September 2019

Phase 4 and More: Surviving the Repack; NAB Show New York Brings Different Perspective to Broadcasters; LPTVs Wait for Repack Funds, Eye ATSC 3.0; Opinion: Workflow Should Be Getting Easier, Not Harder; ATSC 3.0: New Test Gear, New Procedures; SMPTE Reimagines Marquee Event; At the Center of Scalability; An Approach to Lighting With Tubes; User Reports - Audio

August 2019

Will C-Band Survive the Latest Spectrum Grab?; For Audio Monitoring, Seeing Is Believing; A 'One-Stop Shop' for Business Management; ONE Media, Saankhya Partner on ATSC 3.0-5G System; Making a Killing; 2019 IBC to Explore an Age of New Media; Next Gen Propmters Help Broadcasters Stay on Script; Blockchain in Media and Entertainment: The Future Calls; Streamlining Audio Dubbing With ML- and AI-Based QC; Storage Modernization With PCIe and NVMe; Rooted in Realism; User Reports—Cameras & Lenses

July 2019

Sports Gambling on TV; Multiviewers Multitask as IP Needs Grow; Taming LED's Color Issues; Get Ready for Wi-Fi 6; Intercoms Link Voice, Data fofr Worldwide Connectivity; Audio Boards Expand IP Capabilities; AI: Hollywood's Rising Star; 50 Years Later: TV's Longest Ever Remote Remembered; A Busy Spring: NAB 2019, ATSC 3.0 and Repack; Re-aligning Clouded Concerns; User Reports—Master Control/Routing & KVM Switchers

June 2019

Is 5G Evolving Into Broadcast TV?; GOLFTV Hits the Ground Running; Vizrt/NewTek: Creating Significant Change; NAB Show: All the World's a Stage; Monitors Move Carefully Toward HDR; Advances in Graphics Up Newsroom Ante; Lighting for Beauty; Cloudy—Not at the Edge; Hearing It—Believing It; User Reports—Production Switchers/Editing & Graphics; User Reports—Transmitters & RF Equipment

May 2019

2019 NAB Show Focused on Stories; NAB Show Celebrates Heroes, Innovation and Storytelling; Google, CBS Tech Execs Tackle Cloud; NAB Show: Is There Traffic on the 'Road to ATSC 3.0'?; Four-Transmitter SFN Powers Show's ATSC 3.0 Demos; What's New in the Sports Toolbox; Reporters Assess Challenge of Covering Trump; FCC Commissioners Discuss Ownership, Diversity; Telemundo Targets Young Latinos With New Approach to Hispanic Media; Best of Show Winners

April 2019

Ready or Not, Here Comes 8K; 8K: Delivery Challenges and Industry Readiness; How Can AI Enhance Public Safety Datacasting?; Drone Operators Share Lessons Learned; Fox, ESPN Gear Up for 2019 MLB; Kubernetes Automates Open-Source Deployment; For Immersive Sound, the Future is Now; User Reports - UAVs, Camera Support, Lighting & Batteries

March 2019

Redefining Television at the NAB Show; Cameras & Lenses: New Cameras Feature HDR, Larger Sensors; ATSC 3.0: Previewing Next Gen TV at the NAB Show; Audio: IP Drives Audio to Virtualization, Immersive; ENG/News Production: ENG Tools for the 24/7 News Cycle; Cloud: IP, Cloud Services Speed Toward the Future

February 2019

CES 2019: Waiting for Next Gen TV; CES 2019 Was the 8K TV Show—For 8K TV Vendors; 12G No Problem for Today's Cable, Connectors; Designing the IP-Based Media Network; Integrated Systems Break Down the Silos; Sharing RF News from CES; Future of TV Audio: Looking Into the Crystal Ball; User Reports—Signal Conversion/Intercoms

January 2019

NEP: 35 Years of LIve Television Production; The All-Platform Newsrooml Choices Grow for IP ENG News Systems; Unbreakable Gear for Breaking News; In Search of the Right Archive Solution; Bringing Interoperability to Audio Over IP; HPA Tech Retreat Looks at the Big Picture; Indoor Antennas, Field Measurements Revisted; The Beauty of Top Light; User Reports—Storage & Recording/Devices

December 2018

Fake Images; Best Practices for ST 2110 Cybersecurity; NBC, NHL Mark Decade of Winter Classics; TV at CES 2019: '8K Is Getting Real'; Storage Equation: Performance, Cost and the Move to Cloud; How IP Architecture Works for Live Production; Intel's Neural Stick Packs an AI Wallop; Using Machine Learning to Drive QC; Study Reveals Strong Support for Hybrid IP-SDI Approach; Survey: Local TV News Most Trustworthy; Diginets Come of Age; Industry Innovators Awards; Blockchain's Role in TV; Our Digitized Audio Future; A Spectrum of Color Temperatures; User Reports—Digital Content Management & Control; Reference Guide—Newsroom Automation/Business Management Systems

November 2018

ATSC 3.0 One Year On: Are Broadcasters Ready?; How Effective Is AI for Encoding Video?; News Vans: More Than Just About Equipment; Designing the IP-Based Media Network; IP Distribution Challenges SDI; Mixing Audio for the NFL: Behind the Scenes; Explore the Future of Media Tech at GV Expo 2018; Zoom Lenses: Behind the Numbers; OTT Requires a Fresh Approach to Monitoring; Fox Sports Debuts New NASCAR Studio; Smaller Units Makes a Big Difference; User Reports—Video Monitors; User Reports—Test Equipment/Signal Monitoring

October 2018

Repack Begins, Deadlines Tight; 'More Than Just Logging'; The Next Revolution in Content Creation; DTV Utah Completes Successful Repack; Lighting Design for Today's News Set; Inexpensive Tools for Field Measurements; Adding AoIP to Existing Facilities; User Reports—Cloud Solutions; Reference Guide—Fiber Cables, Connectors, Video Cables

September 2018

Rabbit Ears No More; IBC2018 Preview: Transforming Theory to Application; SDN: Not Just Another Three-Letter Acronym; IP Advances Spur Intercom Developments; Need to Know: AI; Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery; Comparing Antennas for Indoor Reception; User Reports—Audio; User Reports—UAVs, Camera Support, Lighting & Batteries; Reference Guide—Prompters

August 2018

Artificial Intelligence Makes Inroads in Broadcasting; (More Than Ever) Content Is King; AI: Ready for Primeimte?; Prompting Takes the next Migration to IP; Is SaaS Up to the Demands of Broadcast?; Expanding Sports Audio Options Via IP; Is It Live or Automated Speech Recognition; Automated Captioning Is Here to Say; How TWC Virtually Destroyed Its Studio; Making Use of Useless Data; Repack Update: Phase I Deadline Looms; User Reports—Cameras & Lenses; Reference Guide—Batteries

July 2018

'Consistent Experience' Is Key to Combining OTT, Linear TV; Why Broadcasters Should 'Take 5'; Multiviewers Embrace IP Video Networking; Consoles: Marrying Ergonomics With IP; Lighting for Broadcast: LEDs Come of Age; Cutting-Edge Technology Drives CBS Sports' PGA Tour Coverage; IP, ATSC 3.0 Now Mainstream Test Subjects; Next Gen TV Progress Report; Immersive Content, VR at Avid Connect; User Reports—Master Control/Routing & KVM Switches; User Reports—Transmitters & RF Equipment; Reference Guide

June 2018

Fox, Telemundo Offer a Clearer View of FIFA World Cup Russia; Game On: Bringing eSports to the Masses; Need to Know: 5G—Riding Wireless' Next Wave; 5G and Next Gen TV: Timing or Technology?; NAB Show Product Preview

May 2018

NAB Show Celebrates Next Gen TV; NAB Opening: 'Enormous' Wins, New Priorities; Tracking Today's Sports Fan—And Tomorrow's; Panel Explores AI-Assisted Video Workflows; Digital Drives a Fresh News Model at CBSN; Creative Master Series Offers Deep Dive Into 'Black Panther'; Survey Finds Optimism for Linear TV Future; To Be or Not to Be—UHD Is the Question; 2018 NAB Show Exhibitor News

April 2018

2018 NAB Show Marks Next Gen TV's Arrival; What Can Attendees Expect at NAB Show?; NAB: Imagine Has Smart Migration in its Sights; IP, Next Gen TV in BEITC Spotlight; NAB: Newtek to Emphasize IP Workflow; Flexibility Driving Station Automation Trends; Storage Technology: Reaching for 24G Storage; Inside Audio: Wireless Frequency Coordination; Masked Engineer: Playing to the Dentists?; User Reports - Production Switchers/Editing & Graphics; Reference Guide: Video Reference Monitors 

March 2018

NAB Show: Technology for Storytelling; NAB Show Product Preview: Acquisition, Audio, Production, Signal Processing & Analysis, Post, Cloud and Storage & Recording, Distribution; Exhibitor Listings

February 2018

Live From South Korea; Can Broadcasters Meet Repack Deadline?; CES Marks ATSC 3.0's Prelude; The Promise of AC-4 for Next Gen TV; Live Production Switchers on Steroids; ITU, ISO Prepare for Next-Gen Video Codec; Verifying TV Facility Coverage; A Solid State of Non-Volatile Memory; User Reports - ENG; User Reports - Signal Conversion & Intercom; Reference Guide - Microwave Links 

January 2018

NBC Sports Preps for Super Bowl LII; The Future of 5G and IP-ENG; Newsrooms Eye Smart Cloud Processing; AI, IMF, VR Headline HPA Tech Retreat; Audio Consoles Integrate AES67 Advances; Speed, Weight Drive News Gear Developments; SMPTE ST 2100-20: Pass the Pixels, Please; 2018 Audio Prognostication - What Lies Ahead; Ramp Up the Processing for UHD Post; Lighting the Scene From Different Directions; User Reports - Storage & Recording/Devices; Reference Guide - Furniture & Racks 

December 2017

FCC Approves ATSC 3.0 Broadcasts; CES: Next Gen TV Will Be 'Talked About'; Broadcasters Plan ATSC 3.0 Deployments; Challenges Remain for LIve IP Production; TV Technology Industry Innovator Awards 2017; Production Switchers Pack on the Features; Using Light Meters as Creative Tools; Guidelines for Streaming Loudness; User Reports - Digital Content Management & Control; Reference Guide - Newsroom Automation/Business Management Systems

November 2017

Main Studio Rule Change May Bring Cost Savings; SMPTE ST 2110-10: A Base to Build On; The Opportunities for Virtualized Playout; Ready to Go IP?; Driving Station Workflows in the Field; Exterior Scenes Can Present Challenges; 'Deadliest Catch' Lands in the Cloud; Discerning Sound Defines Audio Pros; User Reports - Video Monitors; User Reports - Test Equipment/Signal Monitoring; Reference Guide - Multiviewers

October 2017

Drones Making Their Mark in Hurricane Coverage; What SMPTE-2110 Means for Broadcasters; Bonded Cellular Shined in Storm Coverage; Viewer Preferences Straddle Generations; Broadcasters' 'Secret Sauce' for Big Data; LEDs Light the Way to the Studio; Bridging the Digital Content Gap; NAB Updates Engineering Handbook; Diversity to Take Many Forms at 2017 SMPTE; Estimating Converage: Quick Analysis for Facility Mods; Reframing the Object Store; Editor No 'Stranger' to Editing Excellence; The Dazzling Future of 5G Wireless; Taking Advantage of Practicals; The 'Dematerialization' of Audio Facilities; User Reports - Cloud Solutions; Reference Guide

September 2017

Bringing Clarity to NFL Coverage; Demystifying SDN; IBC Show Celebrates 50th Anniversary; ESPN Takes X Games Virtual; Broadcasters Prep for Nationwide EAS Trial; Storage Functionality Runs the Gantlet; Bands on the Run; Lighting for Freeform Shooting; Trends in Storage Resource Management; Will the Bang Match the Buzz?; Unanticipated Interference After Repack; Working With Fixed Monitor Levels; User Reports - Audio; User Reports - Camera Heads, Tripods & Pedestals; Reference Guide - Microphones

August 2017

Microsoft's White Space Redux; Falcons Debut 'Halo Board'; Keeping Up With the Weather 'Mets'; IP-Networked Audio Consoles Gain Steam; IP Expands Audio Monitoring Capabilities; Closed-Captioning Technology Evolves; SaaS Harnesses Web Productivity; Repack Deadline Passes - More Work Ahead; The Versatility of LEDs: RGB, DMX; User Reports - Cameras & Lenses; Reference Guide - Batteries

July 2017

Colorizing History; Broadcasters Investigate OTT Opportunities; OTT: The Challenges of Infrastructure; IP Video, ATSC 3.0 Changing Test Protocol; HEVC Advances Enhance Cell-based ENG; Multiviewers Dominate Sports Marketing; Consumers Getting Out Ahead of UHD; Understanding Your Lighting Options; Functional and Future-Proof; 1WTC Launches OTA Broadcasts; Network Managements for IP and Storage; The Effects of New Formats on Loudness; New Lighting Players at 2017 NAB Show; The State of the Cloud in 2017; User Reports - Master Control/Routing & KVM Switchers; Reference Guide - Remote Control Monitoring

June 2017

Broadcasters Face Complex Repack; Pro Golf Tees Up New Tech; More Broadcasters Considering Cloud Tech; Prompters: Ready for the IP Revolution?; Audio Education at the 2017 NAB Show; Tackling the Art of Key Lighting; Repack Work and ATSC 3.0 Dominate NAB Show; User Reports - Production Switchers/Editing & Graphics; User Reports - Transmitters & RF Equipment; Reference Guide - Video Reference Monitors

May 2017 

NAB Show Tackles Tech, Change and Evolving Expectations; NAB Show Product Review; NAB Best of Show Awards 

April 2017

Broadcasters Start Repack Process; 'BravesVision' Comes to New Park; The Benefits of Virtualization; IP in the Spotlight at NAB Show; Sony Promotes HDR Ecosystem; SAM: A Whole Bigger Than Its Parts; Grass Sees Future Path for IP, 4K and HDR; The Lines Blur Between Online and Broadcast; The Versatility of Effect Lighting; ATSC 3.0 Audio: Structure and Metadata; Auction Over, Now Let's Address the Damage; Equipment Review: Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit; Equipment Review: Blackmagic Design Streaming Package; User Reports - UAVs & Lighting; Reference Guide - Prompters

March 2017

NAB Show Reimagines Future; Show to Stress Broadcast Competitiveness; NAB Show Product Preview; NAB Show Exhibitor Listings; Product Showcase

February 2017

FCC Proposes Next-Gen TV Deployment; CES2017: Incremental Display Improvements; Balancing Functionality With Flexibility; The Road to 12 Gbps 4K Video Transport; Choices Abound in Digital Audio Networking; NHL, MLB Networks' 'DIAMOND' In the Rough; Lighting and the Camera - Getting It Right; ATSC 3.0 and Preparing Audio Infrastructure; Repack Complexities Abound; User Reports - Cellular-ENG & Satellite; User Reports - Signal Conversion/Intercoms; Reference Guide - Graphics; Reference Guide - Microwave Links

January 2017

Will SMPTE IP Standard Be Ready in 2017?; At WBAL-TV, It's HD v2.0; HPA Retreat Clarifies New Tech Trends; New Gear for 'On the Go' News Crews; Newsrooms Adapt to Social Media Trends; Bonded Cellular Shrinks as It Grows; AoIP and the Shape of Consoles to Come; Solving Tomorrow's Storage Puzzle; Layer 2 and 3 Considerations for AoIP; Light Plus Color Equals Different Moods, Effects; Dealing With Latency for Performance Improvements; Practical ATSC 3.0 at the 2016 IEEE BTS; 2017 State of the Edit: VR, 8K and IMF; User Reports - Storage & Recording/Devices; Reference Guide - Furniture & Racks

December 2016

Auction Underwhelms; ATSC 3.0 and MVPDs; Switcheres Adapt to an IP, UHD World; Multiviewers: There's No Turning Back; The Impact of IP, Cloud on Media Workflows; Keeping Affordable Lighting in Your Kit; Lessons from the 2016 AES Convention; User Reports - Station Automation/Digital Content Management; Reference Guide - Newsroom Automation/Business Management Systems.

November 2016

Imaging Technology 'Trips the Light Fantastic'; Routing Embraces 12G, IP; WBNS' Newsroom Designed for Digital; Game Keeps Changing for Sports Audio; The Continuing Evolution of HEVC; Playout: Breaking Out of the Box; The Difference Between Audio for Film, TV; Elements of a Software-Defined Network; Space, Shape Affect Lighting Techniques; Trending: Hybrid Cloud Media Systems; User Reports - Video Monitors; User Reports - Test Equipment/Signal Monitoring; Reference Guide - Multiviewers