TV Tech Latest Guide to Cloud Playout Now Available

(Image credit: Future)

Like the technology itself, the discussions over the role of the cloud in broadcasting have quickly evolved over time since the technology became a reality for  broadcasters two decades ago. What first arrived as a storage technology quickly evolved into a distribution technology with the advent of virtualized playout, giving broadcasters far more flexibility and scalability in their operations. 

Now when we talk about the cloud, we refer to the workflows enabled by the cloud (and IP) that give our industry the ability—depending on the bandwidth—to produce live content from virtually anywhere in the world, a development clarified by the pandemic.

In our latest Guide to Cloud Playout, we look at how the ability to spin up channels at a moment's notice was just the start of an evolution that has revolutionized our industry from top to bottom, enabling broadcasters to stay competitive in a media landscape where IP is becoming the dominant method of distribution.

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